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Learn Basic to Advance White Hat SEO Tactics to 10x Your Site's Ranking and Traffic



You learn at your own pace, no pressure! You have lifetime access to training videos and workbooks


We will provide an online certification that highlights the coverage of the course so you can present them to future clients.


Be mentored by SEO experts who will guide you as you apply what you have learned from the course.



The videos will be uploaded to Thinkific. You will have lifetime access to the platform. Access it any time, any where, no matter what devices you have.


Interact with other course takers through an exclusive Facebook group for your batch. Ask questions, post your results and learn from other course takers.


Apply all the learnings through an internship program. Be equipped with the basic SEO skills that will enable you to land your first freelancing job!

SEO Course in the Philippines

All White Hat SEO started as a passion project.
Angel Licerio created a Facebook group for SEO newbies with
the goal of helping them charge more as SEO
specialists. As more career shifters and VAs join the
group, an opportunity to create an online SEO course

Since SEO is a lucrative freelancing niche,
it is worthwhile to hone your SEO skills in 2020 and beyond.

Through our SEO course, we’ll teach you how to put together effective SEO strategies
that can skyrocket websites’ traffic and rankings.




1,299 one-time payment
  • SEO 101


4,599 one-time payment
  • SEO 101 (In-depth)
  • ONPAGE SEO (In-depth)
  • OFFPAGE SEO (In-depth)


7,999 one-time payment
  • SEO 101


Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, or you just want to start your own website or blog, SEO is going to be one of the fundamental skills you’d need to have. You can establish your online presence and reach your target audience by knowing what terms they’re searching for and what type of content to show them. Learning basic SEO also helps you stand out from competition.

Joana Marie Robel

"From 0 knowledge to Hero. The course is designed for newbies to advanced. Coach Angel is super approachable and helpful. I won't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who'd like to jumpstart their career on SEO"

Kerwin Aldeon

"This course is superb! I learned a lot about Technical SEO, On-Page, OFF-Page, Site Audit, and more! The course instructor definitely knows this craft, is very supportive, and taught this in an in-depth manner. I moved from ZERO to HERO in SEO because of this course!"

Bennette Abucejo

"Best SEO course I have ever taken! The mentor covered all the necessary learnings that an SEO Specialist should have and taught them in a very easy to understand manner. It's a lesson that will make you come back for more just to make sure that you did not miss a single bit of wisdom that was shared. Coach Angel truly lives up to her name!"

Sylvia Daganon

"The contents of the course are precise and relevant; the instructor is very knowledgeable. Coach Angel explains the lectures very well, she simplifies it so that beginners can fully understand. She is approachable, very generous in sharing her knowledge and with a lot of takeaways. White Hat SEO Fundamentals course is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

mentees' feedback

April Dy

"I've been self-studying SEO for months and it's overwhelming. It was the right decision to enroll in Coach Angel's course. She outlined the course systematically, clear and insightful. Even after the course, Ms. Angel proves to be still approachable and helpful."

Pauline Malagonio

"Before I enrolled in this course, I have very little knowledge about SEO - actually I was struggling to learn about it. Youtube videos and google provides very useful information. But this course was presented in a way that is very clear and perfectly understandable. The course have all the important things you need to learn about SEO. And coach Angel was indeed more than a coach, she is truly an "angel" who is always willing to help and assist her mentees. I don't just recommend this course --- I SUPER DUPER HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE. This course is worth more than what you paid for. I'm forever thankful. Thank you Coach Angel."

Julie Ann B.

"I love this course! Coach Angel really made it simple and easy to understand especially for a newbie like me. Definitely worth every penny! Highly recommended to those who are planning to change their career path and learn SEO. Kudos to the team! Thank you Coach Angel <3"

Arlene Francia

"Coach Angel is very committed to impart her knowledge through teaching and is continuously looking for ways to support her mentees. I find her to be trustworthy, reliable, and easy to approach. If you get the chance to know her, you’ll find her kind enough to help you fill your hunger to learn skills and very soon earn for a living. She is knowledgeable in the niche she is imparting, whose skills would enable you to be valuable in whatever purpose you have."

Jess Zarraga

"I have no background in SEO, been in the corporate world for 15years. My line of work is nowhere near SEO. I was hesitant to buy the course because I was thinking it's just like all the other video courses that just want your money and all the contents are from youtube, or you can find the same content on youtube, I was dead wrong. I'm happy I bought this, it's well worth it. Gave me confidence in starting a new career. All the practical techniques and how to's are already in the videos. Basically coach will teach you the concept and the actual process she's doing and you just have to follow along. If there's something I need clarification with or futher explanation, I just ask our private group or coach and within minutes they reply. If you're like me and you know where i'm coming from and you're still thinking whether or not to buy this course, buy it! Im telling you with all the contents and the support you're going to get, it's well worth the money!"

Bernie Dela Cruz

"This course is phenomenal. Coach Angel has provided everything in detail and ensured that we are enjoying learning every bit of information presented to us. At first, When I am just researching for SEO, everything is messy and out-of-place but when I took the course it gave me the best picture of what SEO is and how it works. For everyone who wants to learn SEO. This course is highly recommended. She's the best SEO Coach in town."

Bernadette Lo

"SEO is a complex topic and when you're learning on your own, you might find yourself on your wit's end. But it's different when learning with Coach Angel. Instead of complex theories and too technical process, she showed the actual process of doing SEO from building a website, link building process to prospecting clients a noob can digest. Very hands-on, practical, supportive, motivational, and helps you even after you finished the course. The course is actually almost free when you consider the 720+ hrs she's there to help plus the knowledge and practical tips she shared from her years of experience and oh, free use of expensive tools you need to be familiarized with when doing SEO!"

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How long will the course last?

Ideally, the basic course can be completed in 2 weeks while the Fundamentals and Advance Course can be completed within 6 weeks.

Is there a certificate after the course?

Yes, there is.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

Refunds and cancellations are only permitted within 7 days of purchase.

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