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seo skills

The 7 SEO Skills Newbies Need to Possess

Experts on search engine optimization (SEO) come from various backgrounds. Some of them are programmers, entrepreneurs, journalists, and traditional marketers. To be an SEO professional, you need to have at least basic SEO skills and knowledge.

How can I learn SEO skills?

SEO optimization can be intimidating at first. There’s a great deal to wrap your mind around. But it’s a workable endeavor to become skilled in SEO.

As a developing industry, most colleges do not formally teach SEO. You can actually learn SEO skills through online courses. Thus, rendering a college education or degree in SEO is not applicable. Most SEOs are self-taught since you use free online resources for learning.

You can save time through an online course in SEO because the material is already put together. Thus, it enables you to manage your learning in one place. This is through a standardized program that allows you to be more focused. A general rule of thumb to adopt is to buy courses from an SEO professional.

SEO training in the Philippines

You may be planning to try an SEO internship or would like to become an SEO professional in the Philippines. Thus, training is inevitable.

There are many online SEO courses that teach how to rank websites in Google. You just need to do research in order to find the best one and pick the right program for you. Some also offer advanced SEO courses for people who want to be an expert in this field. Applying for an SEO internship is also a good way to gain SEO skills because, in this way, you can practice and apply what you learn. You have the edge of experiencing the actual task of an SEO professional and learn from doing it rather than just memorizing the terms and principles.

As an SEO intern, your task is to help boost a site’s position in Google search results. This will help products and service providers be more visible in the online world, therefore increasing their brand awareness and generating more sales for their company. To be able to do this, you will first need to determine which strategies and campaigns will be a good fit for the company’s needs. You will need to set goals, perform research, and look for the best combination of keywords. No company would choose to recruit some SEO interns who just randomly select keywords and place the material on the website without conducting research.

There are many factors to consider and tasks to be done in order to have a successful SEO campaign. So if you are someone who wants to build a career in SEO, here are some essential qualities and skills that you will need to learn as a newbie.

SEO skills

SEO skills

Critical Thinking Skills

This is a difficult one to quantify. But it is important for an SEO professional to be able to have an inquisitive mind. This is important in discerning causation and correlation. Most companies use hypothetical interview questions when hiring SEO professionals or interns.

Sample questions revolve around proper client approaches and SEO-related website aspects. These questions may be answered correctly or incorrectly. Yet, they help the company get a sense of the critical thinking skills of a candidate. It also helps them perceive how job applicants tackle challenges from many angles.

Effective Communication and Writing Skills

It is even more valuable for an SEO expert to do his own keyword analysis and author content. This speaks about publishing articles and posts or appearing at conferences. SEO professionals should be able to persuade customers to do the best thing. This is done through a clear presentation at seminars and the preparation of lists. All these involve the ability to communicate and write. SEO not only needs confidence. It also requires the capacity to condense abstract thoughts and ideas into concepts.

Programming and Technical Skills

Recommendations should be suggested about microdata tagging and server-side redirects. There should also be suggestions made in lazy loading, page speed, and simple HTML tags. All these discussions will be simpler if you are able to talk to the developer. You should also be able to provide feedback rather than requests.

SEO practitioners should be in a position to write codes. Even so, they need to consider the software consequences of the improvements. You should also consider what this means for the developers and what the common errors are. You also need to take note of how to resolve them.

Analytics Skills

SEO professionals may save considerable time. This can be done through proper signing into Google Analytics and Adobe. They should also learn to pull their respective data. The correct SEO approach often requires a basic knowledge of company KPIs. Opportunities should be given in obtaining certification for Google Analytics and Adobe. Even if they don’t pull the data, being able to understand it helps.

Microsoft Excel Skills

Excel is indispensable in transforming a Screaming Frog crawl into an XML sitemap. It is important in calculating algorithm improvements and their effect on Adobe information. Having this skill is valuable in generating unique CTR through place curves. It is also important in forming keywords from the search console into product groups.

Adaptability, Drive, and Motivation

To gain SEO knowledge, you need to have the internal motivation to continue learning. SEO needs drive and adaptability. The industry is changing and it is a fact that directory submissions need to be done for clients. It is about placing the client’s priorities first. It should be ahead of the prospects for SEO revenue.

Positive Thinking

In the SEO industry, we struggle with a lot of difficulties and often at a quick pace. It must take a step backward and realize that you don’t save lives. You should do things for digital marketing purposes. As hard as the work might be, most cannot wait until tomorrow. Thus, a sense of humor and positive thinking makes work much more fun and productive.

Indeed, SEO internships have undergone an upward surge, especially in the Philippines. SEO internships help achieve enough SEO experience. Moreover, it also helps create several job opportunities in the digital marketing industry.

If you happen to have these attributes, you need to combine them with an ethical personality. In turn, an SEO internship will be a rewarding journey for you.

Hope this helps! Read our blogs for more helpful guides. We also have an article about how to find the best SEO Specialist Course to help you get started in your SEO career. What SEO skills are you interested in learning? Comment down below and let us know!

Angeline Licerio is the blogger behind Dollarmize.com. After working online as a writer and SEO strategist, she decided to start this blog to give advice to people who would like to earn money online. She is also the founder of SEO Tutorials for FREE, a Facebook community that helps aspiring freelancers and SEO specialists to kickstart their work from home journey.

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