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in demand freelance skills

Most In-Demand Freelance Skills In 2021

Nowadays, most people consider freelancing and remote jobs as a more lucrative option than the traditional 9 to 5 office jobs. Many people have become interested in learning freelance skills for an additional income.

Aside from the dollar earnings, freelancers get to be their own bosses. They have the advantage of managing their time at work while being with their families.

Though freelancers work wherever they want and even in their pajamas, it doesn’t mean that landing a freelance job is easy. The truth of the matter is, freelancing may not be for everyone.

Before you can make be successful in the freelancing industry, you have to make sure that you are committed and disciplined to help your clients and improve your craft. Otherwise, the competition will eat you alive.

There’ll be no one who’s going to pay for your professional development here. That’s why you have to invest aggressively in yourself. If not, you’ll end up losing your gigs and clients to more proactive and competitive freelancers.

Whether you’re searching for your first-time freelance gig, or you’re looking to expand your current offerings, these are the most in-demand freelance skills this year (we did not include SEO since you already know how lucrative SEO is as a freelancing skill):

Mobile and web development

Web development in demand freelance skill

The steady and continuous rise of global e-commerce required almost all businesses to make their online presence more visible. The Internet also opened up an immense landscape for businesses of different sizes. It paved the way for more businesses to grow, expand, and thrive in newer markets across the globe.

Mobile and web development is a crucial part of the online and digital marketing community. While e-commerce grows, mobile and web developers will also find an increasing demand for their services.

The widespread smartphone use and internet access also lead to demands for mobile banking, online shopping, and other mobile services. This also led to the increasing demand for app developers. Most of the online functions that are accessed through smartphones are now conducted through apps. This means that anyone in this field will also be very busy dealing with different client demands. Given the demand, you can say that mobile and web development is one of the best freelance skills to learn.

Internet research

This is quite a huge field and as the name suggests, it means researching information from the free data provided by the internet. This also covers researching data analytics, the data received by different websites. Internet market research, along with other relevant fields, is a huge part of the booming e-commerce industry. So, this suggests that anyone with skills in this aspect can also expect a steady increase in client demand.

Right now, those who can browse through voluminous data and create websites that provide provable, workable, and accurate content are the most in-demand. Other researching tasks that are equally in-demand involve website metrics analysis and market preference. Here, the researcher needs to understand the behavioral patterns of unique website visitors including their location, time when they go online, and the amount of time they spend looking at a product or service.

Data entry

Data entry is one of the common skills in the freelance world. Anyone who has basic computer and language skills can do this job. Despite being common, this skill is still hugely in demand right now. The nature of this kind of work is very basic but it’s a source of high income.

If you have a fast typing speed, this is for you. If you’re accurate when typing, the better. There may be a lot of entry-level jobs available but only those who have excellent skills are preferred by foreign employers.

If you’re a data entry operator, your profession is one of the most lucrative ones these days. In fact, data entry holds countless crowdsourced projects. Data entry may be simple but with the possible earnings you can get from this job, you can say it’s one of the best skills for freelancing.

Web designing

This job has been ruling the freelancing market for quite some time now and it shows no sign of stopping. In fact, this is one of the jobs for those with top freelance skills. Web design has become so popular and in high demand due to the rise of e-commerce worldwide.

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. But if you’re not visible online, you will have a hard time surviving the coming years. With more businesses opening their online stores, the demand for web developers increases. Nowadays, it’s easy for businesses to own a website with a domain name that reflects their brand. It is because these website-building essentials are now inexpensive. And the web developer’s job is to come up with a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and fully optimized website.


The prices of real estate are constantly soaring. This has caused most businesses to be forced to scale down their operation. They opted to run their activities on smaller premises. As a result, regular employees are now encouraged to telecommute. Other important functions are being outsourced to remote workers or as a crowd-sourced project.

Accounting and other financial roles are currently in demand because businesses cannot hire full-time employees and have them work in their respective homes. And besides, accountants are not needed to manage the businesses’ daily finances. Freelancers are more suited to perform these tasks.

Content writers

content writing

This is another freelance job that is highly in-demand this year. Though content writing seems like an easy profession, it actually requires more than English writing skills. You can’t write anything that has already been written. You have to be competitive in how you angle your stories. This is so that your readers will get more valuable information.

Clients are also more strict in their requirements for a write-up. Before, you can survive by writing generic articles that are not geo-focused. Now, you have to substantiate your articles with studies, research, and evidence from reputable sources. Plus, you need to add value to your readers. This means you need to choose your topic more carefully.

To be a competitive content writer, you must also know the different kinds of articles your client demands. Sometimes, you’ll be tasked to write a simple PBN article with primary and long-tail keywords.

Next time, you might be asked to write one that should have premium-quality content or something that will be used on a landing page. Your client won’t always give you the time of the day to explain how these are different, so it’s crucial that you know your craft.

Anyone can aim to be a freelancer, but surviving and thriving in this industry needs more than just your desire to work from home. Your best freelance skills, exemplary work ethics, dedication, and genuine desire to add value to the business of your clients will dictate if you’ll go big or go home in freelancing. 

Angeline Licerio is the blogger behind Dollarmize.com. After working online as a writer and SEO strategist, she decided to start this blog to give advice to people who would like to earn money online. She is also the founder of SEO Tutorials for FREE, a Facebook community that helps aspiring freelancers and SEO specialists to kickstart their work from home journey.

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